Hi, I’m Ethan Hart, a South Coast wedding videographer.

            Some time in the early high school days my mum bought me my first ever video camera. I started off shooting fashion videos and music events, generally shooting anything I thought was cool – down the years this lead me into shooting my first wedding in 2015 for my boss at a cafe I worked at. Since then I have been obsessed with making wedding films.

            Being able to capture one of, if not the most important day in a couples lives the way I see it and turning into a piece of art is something I truly love doing - Every wedding day I am constantly searching for those subtle, often unnoticed moments between couples and capturing it the way I feel it. Films are an expression of art, I craft each in it's own unique way through story and visuals.

            MY APPROACH

            My approach is very simple. Being the observer I am at heart (hart), often watching from the outside looking in. My cool-calm nature mixed with my observant nature is the perfect recipe for a non-obtrusive, intimate approach to filmmaking. While the big moments on a wedding day are special, I believe the magic is found in the small in-between moments. The way your hands clasp and tears roll down your cheeks after your vows. The cheeky smirks at one another, being able to communicate and know each other without saying a single word.

            I bring my calm, laid-back approach to your wedding day. Never overwhelmed by events around me, instead staying calm and in the moment, always. I am at your wedding day not only to watch and observe but to listen and be lost in the present moment with you. A wedding is a series of events and moments passing by so quickly. My job is to capture these moments and tell your story thus far. I want to create something you not only watch but something that can take you back to that particular moment in time to feel it all again.

            What my
            Clients Say

            Ben & Hayley

            Jacob & Chiara

            Ash & Ben

            Kate & Andrew

            Jas & Jake

            Oh Ethan, we LOVE it so so so much!!!!!

            We’ve watched it so many times and can’t wipe the smiles off!

            Thank you so much, you’re that talented, it’s insane!!!!!


            Oh wow, Ethan, you’ve absolutely outdone yourself!!

            This is so perfect. We couldn’t be happier with how you’ve captured our love story and our incredible day.
            Thank you so so much.

            Thank you again Ethan, it’s honestly so incredible.


            Where do we even begin?! It’s so so incredible.

            In tears! We cannot thank you enough for capturing the essence of our day. It’s brought back all the feels.

            You’re a master!


            Oh my GOD it's SO amazing!!! We are sobbing watching it haha, you've done such a beautiful incredible job and thank you for capturing our day so beautifully 😍

            I am in awe.


            Jake and I can’t thank you enough for capturing our wedding day! We are honestly in awe at how perfect our wedding video turned out, it is better than we ever could have imagined! All our family and friends can’t stop talking about how magical it is.

            Your energy, professionalism and organisation on the day also just really helped everything run smoothly. We had so much fun!