Hi, I’m Ethan Hart, a filmmaker living on the South Coast of NSW.

            Some time in the early high school days my mum bought me my first ever video camera. I started off shooting skatepark videos and music events, generally shooting anything I thought was cool – down the years this lead me into shooting my first wedding in 2015 for my boss at a cafe I worked at. Since then I have been obsessed with making wedding films.

            Making wedding videos is something I am super grateful for, and a dream job I luckily fell into.

            Being able to capture one of, if not the most important day in a couples lives the way I see it and turning into a piece of art is something I truly love doing - Every wedding day I am constantly searching for them subtle, often unnoticed moments between couples and capturing it the way I feel it. Films are an expression of art, I craft each in it's own unique way through story and visuals.